James McIntyre, MA, LPC

I am fortune to have both an undergraduate and graduate degree in psychology from UWG’s humanistic psychology program. Working professionally since 2014, I have worked in various therapeutic settings, with various populations, and with varying levels of suffering and health. I’ve worked in a community mental health setting, mostly working with underprivileged and under-resourced people who at one point were homeless or on the brink of displacement due to mental health struggles. There I was able to provide both individual treatment, group therapy, and assist people in identifying and accessing important resources, including psychiatric care. This work was both in the home and in the community clinic.

I have had experience working with children and adolescents in both a school based milieu setting and in group based treatment at two distinct partial hospitalization programs. Struggles with anxiety, mood, suicidality, trauma, identity, and family dynamics were deep aspects of that work. I was able to work within a holistic care team including nurses, psychiatrists, case managers and other therapists to assess needs, ensure crisis stabilization, and promote stability for integration back into daily family and school life. Here I was able to hone skill sets in expressive therapies, psychoeducation, and engage in short term equine therapy.

5 years prior to Resolutions Counseling, I began working at the University of West Georgia’s Counseling Center where I was able to provide weekly group psychotherapy, anger management, and psychoeducation groups for managing panic, anxiety, and mood struggles. Using a mixture of evidence based treatment approaches, including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Emotion Focused Therapy, I was able to provide individual counseling to students, ranging in age from 17 to 50 years old. I was gifted with the chance to engage in the training and consultation of intern therapists, as well, as they completed necessary education and training for licensure. Here at Resolutions my approach seeks to be holistic, compassionate, strength-based, and philosophically (existential) and psychologically informed as to be able to understand the personal world and life of the person, and co-create a therapeutic relationship that best serves the person’s living and growing.