Jamie Gaddy, MA, LPC

(pronouns: she, her)

An alumni of the UWG humanistic psychology program, I have been practicing therapy since 2013. I started out working in the community for underserved populations, assisting families struggling with homelessness and addiction. I later worked within the residential community at Skyland Trail in Atlanta, specializing in dialectical behavior therapy for individuals struggling with emotion regulation disorders. Before beginning my work in private practice, I also served in the role of victim advocate for the University of West Georgia.

My training encompasses a wide array of skill areas. I am intensively trained in DBT, a highly-sought after therapy centered in mindfulness that focuses on cultivating greater emotion regulation, distress tolerance, and effective communication. I am also a certified positive discipline parent educator, and enjoy coaching parents in effective strategies for everyday parenting challenges. As a mother of two children, you will find my approach compassionate, playful, and understanding.

As an undergraduate, I focused my studies on majoring in world religions and deeply enjoy accompanying others on their spiritual journey. End-of-life challenges, grief work, soul study, and existential questions are welcomed and supported here. A long-time practitioner of mindfulness meditation, I am also trained in CBCT (cognitive based compassion training) from the Emory-Tibet program.

Currently, I offer individual counseling to anyone ages 12 and up. My areas of specialty include anxiety, depression, grief work, parenting, substance abuse and addiction, and identity work. I am lgbtqi+ inclusive.