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  Meet Tracy Wilson, M.Ed., LPC  

Tracy employs many counseling methods including mindfulness,  CBT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, TFCBT, Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Play Therapy and Sand Tray Therapy.

Tracy especially enjoys work with clients who are dealing with the affects of trauma, both past and present.  She is equally passionate about assisting clients with phase of life and change of life issues.  She is also skilled in working with clients dealing with depression, anxiety, relationship issues, emotional disregulation, anger and many life stressors.

Tracy has worked with individuals and families impacted by substance use for 25 years.  She is extensively trained in substance use education, prevention and recovery.  She employs both group and individual work to assist clients in finding their way to health and wellness.  She enjoys assisting families in understanding addiction and their own role in the recovery of loved ones.  Tracy helped to establish the Carroll Meth Awareness Coalition in 2005 and the Carroll County Adult Drug Court in 1998. 

Tracy enjoys educating her fellow counselors and the public on many issues.  She has conducted trainings in substance use and abuse throughout Georgia.  She has also led discussions on the use of DBT techniques, Domestic Violence, the role of court programs in substance abusing populations, and motivational interviewing.  She is available to speak to groups both large and small about a variety of topics. 

Education & Certifications

Bachelor of Science in Sociology
Master of Arts in Education / Community Counseling
Trained in DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) - The Family Institute at Northwestern University
Certified in Cognitive Behavioral Interventions
Certified in Sand Tray Therapy
Certified in Relapse Prevention Therapy
Certified in Seeking Safety.

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