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  Behavioral Health Books  

We are pleased to have a relationship with that allows us to list books of interest for our clients and directly link to their website to make it easy for you to purchase the books listed below.  Once you click on the books you are interested in the link will take you to Amazon and the rest of your transaction will be with them.  We do not process these orders, the payments or handle any part of the transaction.  Any questions you have should be directed to Amazon's customer service department.

The information provided here is intended to supplement the services provided by our therapists.  It should not be construed as medical advice and you should always seek care from a licensed professional when dealing with mental health issues. 

These lists are updated regularly.  If you are aware of a resource that you think would benefit the community please feel free to contact our office with information about it.

Halfway Houses & Recovery Programs for Men
Halfway Houses & Recovery Programs for Women
Groups and other community based resources

The information provided on this site is not intended to diagnose any condition or be used as medical advice in any way. 
Only a professional in direct contact with the patient has the ability to do that. 
In the event of an emergency please dial 911 for assistance.


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