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  About Resolutions Counseling, Inc.  

Resolutions Counseling Inc was founded in Carrollton, GA by Tracy C. Wilson in 1998.  She had begun her counseling career in 1991 as a Licensed Professional Counselor.  In 2008, as the practice began to grow, she was joined by another therapist.  Since that time the practice has continued to grow.

We are a full service counseling practice structured to assist both families and individuals with a broad range of life's challenges.  Please refer to the Services page for more detailed information about the assistance that we can provide you and your loved ones.


Tracy C. Wilson, M.Ed., LPC

The information provided on this site is not intended to diagnose any condition or be used as medical advice in any way. 
Only a professional in direct contact with the patient has the ability to do that. 
In the event of an emergency please dial 911 for assistance.


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